Alternative sprinkle salt

Now that the cold winter weather is also entering us, we sprinkled last night. In more and more municipalities, this is done with CO2 neutral road salt. Pieter van Middelaar tells you more about this in the following video:

If you would like to know more about greenSand road salt, please contact PVM Ice Prevention .

The advantages of CO2 neutral road salt

We already sprinkle, why shouldn't we do that in a climate-friendly way?
  • Cheaper than regular road salt. Green Sand Road Salt is an excellent substitute for vacuum salt. It retains moisture and is therefore ideal for preventive sprinkling.

  • Less problems with green deposits and weeds in the joints of, for example, clinker roads because of the natural effect of greenSandwegenzout. This saves maintenance during the growing season.

  • GreenSandwegenzout has a greater skid resistance than regular road salt. This has a positive effect in the event of black ice or the freezing of wet road sections. Even when it is broken in badly.

  • Receive a certificate that helps you obtain specifications and the CO2 Performance Ladder.

  • It is CO2 neutral!

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