Master winter weather with GreenSalt

Apart from a few winter showers, the weather gods have so far been favorable to Dutch commuters. We don't know whether King Winter will get the Netherlands under control this Season, but there will be some colder days in the coming week.

Ready for the cold
Henk van Os, filling station owner of Texaco Europabaan in Woerden is certainly ready for it. He has various articles ready in his shop so that his customers can safely get on the road. The range includes snow chains, ice scrapers, lock defroster and GreenSalt.
Green Salt?
you mean greenSand of course! No, Green Salt. Sprinkle salt with 20% greenSand, which, in addition to binding Co2, also makes the street more slippery than salt alone.
Originally conceived in 2013 by students of the Small Business and Retail Management course at Hogeschool Utrecht in Amersfoort as a study project, but now officially on the market via Newco. In their search for new innovative ideas, the students at Olivine and Prof. Dr. Olaf Schuiling and so the idea of ​​GreenSalt was born.
When, according to the rules of the study programme, the project was discontinued at the end of the academic year, some shareholders thought it was a shame that this wonderful innovative idea was dying and decided to take it over.
It is available in buckets of 7.5 kg at filling stations throughout the BeNeLux and in large quantities such as Bigbags of 1400 kg via the webshop on Greensalt . Pump owners who order their shop products from Newco can order the buckets there for their customers.
greenSand supplies the material for GreenSalt and in this way these two companies, together with the filling station holders, ensure that everyone can sweep their streets clean this winter!

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