co2 compensatie snelheid en hoeveelheid

Project data

Location: Netherlands
Cleanup started: 2023
Cleanup potential: 5,000 tons of CO₂
Weathering rate: approx. 10 years

Mixing granulate with olivine

Cleaning up both debris and CO2

Mixed granulate, which is made from concrete and brick rubble, is widely used as a water-permeable and stable underlay for driveways, car parks and roads, for example. By adding olivine-rich powder you clean up both debris and CO2.

Clean up champion

Fast, faster, fastest

In the face of accelerated rock weathering, this is our champion. The powder is only 10-30 um and weathers quickly. At the moment we assume a weathering period of approx. 10 years. See the results of the Deltares field studies for this.

This will help you towards Net-Zero in 2035.

Building the future

Solid foundation

It is not the most eye-catching CO2 solution, but one with a major impact.

With the recycled rubble and the combination with greenSand's fastest weathering olivine powder, which is created as a residue from a processing process and is reused by us, you create a solid foundation and a sustainable future.

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Will you help clean up?

You can buy certificates for this project. This allows us to mix and transport the fast weathering powder.

Do your part

Clean up your own CO₂

Help the earth create more surface area. Discover all Olivine products.

Offset your CO₂

We scatter the Olivine for you. Together we can create more surface area.

Become a co-owner

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