co2 compensatie snelheid en hoeveelheid

Project data

Location: Vlamovenweg 2
5708 JV Helmond
Clean-up potential: 440 tons of CO₂

Working on your happiness at work and the future

Sustainable Campus

At the Brainport Human Campus of the Driessen Group you can meet, learn, work and relax. The companies located here all have the same goal: creating and retaining happy employees. greenSand is proud to contribute (many small) contributions to this.

greenSand Semi-paving

Olivine Semi-hardening that cleans up CO₂

The grounds around the Brainport Human Campus were designed by The Dutch Wave and landscaped by Buijtels Buitengewoon Tuinen. The design includes playful decorative surfaces with greenSand semi -hardening . This is how people meet each other in an inspiring environment that contributes to happiness at work, now and in the future

Sustainable design

Rainwater infiltration

Our CO₂ scavenging stones are water-permeable and therefore fit very well with the design that focuses on the idea that (sky) water can infiltrate where it falls. The entire site has been designed in such a way that water drainage is no longer necessary, because it drains on itself.

Bird's eye view

Brainport Human Campus

Take a bird's eye view of the outside area here


Also take a look at the designer The Dutch Wave.

Increase your happiness at work at the Brainport Human Campus with this link

For landscaping: Buijtels Buitengewooner Tuinen

Do your part

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