Project details

Location: Purmerend

Cleaning up potential: 11,520 kg CO₂

At the Waterlandlaan

Roof garden with CO₂ binding ornamental gravel

The Dijklander Hospital on Waterlandlaan has been given a beautiful green roof. Performed by Patina and designed by De Green Rangers. The whole is finished with greenSand decorative split 16-32 mm.

take care of the city

A green roof good for people and the climate

Of course the most important function of a hospital is to care for the health of the people who come there. But now that there is a green roof with a surface area of ​​about 145m², it offers even more advantages:

- insulation in cold and heat.
- last longer than traditional roofs.
- fire-resistant
- better air quality
- water buffering, which relieves the sewerage

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