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Soil improver for agriculture

What will your investment yield?

Healthy soil

Healthy soil ensures healthy food. With this certificate you invest in healthy soil and you remove CO₂ from the atmosphere.

CO₂ capture

Farmers use lime to deacidify the soil and, as it were, add CO₂. Olivine rock flour is a nice alternative and also extracts CO₂ from the air. It is only more expensive, with this certificate you make it possible for farmers to use olivine rock flour.


Project Olivine rock flour

Olivine helps improve the soil environment

A good soil environment requires certain conditions, with pH and oxygen being the two most important elements. If these are not in order, the absorption of nutrients is limited and there is a greater chance that pathogenic micro-organisms will develop.

Olivine weathers quickly, which means that the substances below are released relatively quickly and the weathering continues for years. Basically, olivine provides a higher pH, of course depending on the amount that is spread, we assume approximately 0.5 pH point. Olivine rock flour is a substitute for lime, instead of adding CO₂ (lime), you capture CO₂.

Farmers can register and for each certificate, greenSand supplies one tonne of olivine rock flour. Initially you will receive a confirmation of receipt and when it is spread you will receive the certificate with the zip code, the number of hectares and a photo where it has been applied.

greenSand provides farmers with the measurement of soil quality prior to and annual research into the speed of weathering.

Permanently capture carbon dioxide

What is olivine made of and what are its effects?

Olivine consists mainly of magnesium and silicon and some nickel is released during weathering.

Magnesium: provides more leafy green in the core and therefore sugars that mainly end up in the roots.

Silicon: supports the absorption of phosphate. Provides strong cell walls and therefore more resistance to fungi.

Nickel: it is admittedly little. Nickel supports the conversion of urea.

Do you also want to contribute?
Buy these CO₂ cleanup certificates now to offset your own CO₂ footprint. In addition, you offer greenSand the opportunity to support new projects with olivine-containing sand or stones.

CO₂ cleanup certificate: Olivine rock dust

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