Cradle2Cradle solution

greenSand as ballast

It is known that greenSand olivine is a perfect stone to use as ballast in wooden constructions. This caused people from The Dutch Bamboo Foundation to come to us when they were looking for a foundation layer for the Trilix pavilion, which they designed for the New European Bauhaus festival in Brussels. In this case it offers a cradle2cradle solution, because the stone can simply be used in another application after the festival.


New European Bauhaus is an initiative of the European Commission that aims to merge art, culture, sustainability and inclusivity to shape the future and transform the built environment.

Natural beauty

The Trilix pavilion was one of the beautiful buildings on display during the festival. A combination of sustainability with innovative design. Inspired by natural beauty. Striking for its rounded roofs that come together like trefoils to create a harmonious and striking structure.

The bamboo pavilion “Trilix” was located in the Cinquantenaire Park, also called the Cinquantenaire Park.

Design:BKVV Architects

Performance:Dutch Bamboo Foundation


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