Spring Energy Café The Hague

Last Friday, greenSand was present at the Spring Energy café of Archipel Willemsbuurt in The Hague, organized by Groene Buurt Soep. During this informal drink, green (garden) initiatives were in the spotlight, from more green in the garden to solar panels. This was the first meeting for Groene Buurt Soep in which the main focus was on making the gardens more sustainable.

For greenSand it was nice to hear how many people in The Hague had seen the sand sculpture of greenSand olivine and how much interest there was for the idea behind greenSand. The Spring Energy café was a good example of how more and more neighborhoods and regions  in the Netherlands are in need of positive sustainable initiatives.

More information about Archipel Willemspark can be found at www.archipelwillemspark.nl

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