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Will you also become a CO₂ cleaner with this project?

This project will capture tons of CO₂ over its lifespan. This creates voluntary CO₂ rights. greenSand markets this in the form of CO₂ cleanup certificates. By purchasing this certificate you take the lead in the fight against climate change and you can proudly state that you are a CO₂ cleaner. NB an average household emits 12 tons of CO₂ equivalents annually.

100% natural

Ready for the future

The redesign of the train stabling area was realized with project ROAG (Realization of Arnhem Goods Staging Site). The NS expects more train passengers in the future. To conquer these people, more and longer trains are needed. Of course, these will all have to have a “parking space”. That is why the area between Emplacementstraat and Leeghwaterstraat was thoroughly tackled. It was equipped with new tracks, switches, overhead lines, fencing, surveillance cameras and housing for employees. From the sustainability aspect, various raw materials and materials were reused. For example, sleepers and rails were given a second life.

Effective and sustainable

Working together on sustainable solutions

Together with our partner Vossloh, we are committed to applying greenSand to inspection, walking or inspection paths, as they are also called. Because both executor BAM and client NS consider sustainability important, it was decided to construct all inspection paths within this project with greenSand Olivijn. With a tonnage of 4,000 tons, approximately 4,000 tons of CO₂ will be captured during the term. This results in voluntary CO₂ rights. We offer this in the form of CO₂ cleanup certificates. This way you can help us all to help the earth. Are you participating?

CO2 Clean-up Certificate: Staging site Arnhem

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With your contribution we fund public projects that you can visit yourself.

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With our CO2 map you can keep track of exactly where your CO2 is being cleaned up.

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