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Sustainable camping is important to CamperHomie. With the camper platform, CamperHomie would like to connect and inspire the conscious (starting) camper. On the platform you will find tips and tricks for and by 'Homies', inspiring stories and much more. Two sisters are the driving force behind CamperHomie. They started from a hobby and have now turned it into a company that works from the vision that every company should make a positive contribution to society and the planet.

camping with an eye for the planet

Sustainable fishing

CamperHomie focuses on the sustainable side of what they call "the Vanlife". The camper platform covers free camping in a modern,
fresh, ecological way. For both preparation and on the go
you can go to them as a destination. There is also room for community input
and exchange.

with CO₂ capturing paths

Compensate for kilometers

By using an easy tool on the CamperHomie website you can calculate how much CO2 you emit. CamperHomie is the first platform in Europe that can compensate and reduce CO2 emissions for you as a camper. CamperHomie compensates 1000 kilometers driven for a minimum of €10.

Circular solution

Circular solution

To consciously compensate for kilometers, they have their own CO₂ compensation program. You can compensate your mileage with seaweed and greenSand CO₂-capturing rocks. They use the proceeds to buy stones from greenSand, which they in turn donate to campsites that can build a sustainable path. How does that work: compensate with olivine-rich rocks?

The CamperHomies will explain it in detail for youthispage.

Here you find


offset CO₂

Of course it is important to reduce CO₂ emissions as much as you can. But CO₂ reduction alone will not get us there. To really make a difference and limit global warming, we will also have to capture CO₂ so that the number of CO₂ particles in the atmosphere decreases and the CO₂ balance is restored.

Rock weathering

With the weathering of olivine-rich rocks, the CO₂ is captured in a natural and permanent way. We can speed up this process by increasing the surface area. This allows you to use the olivine-containing rock in all kinds of different areas.