co2 compensatie snelheid en hoeveelheid

Project data

Location: Various locations in the Netherlands and Belgium

Clean-up potential: On average, 1 ton of CO2 is captured per ton of rock dust.

Capturing CO2

Rock dust as a lime substitute

According to greenSand, rock dust is a promising application of olivine-rich rock. It offers farmers a great alternative to using lime to deacidify the soil. The advantage is that the Olivine rock dust removes CO₂ from the air. Because nickel is present in olivine rocks, we were reluctant to use it in agriculture, but the extensive research carried out by Deltares has shown that the nickel in olivine rocks poses no risk and remains far below the standard.

A good soil environment requires certain conditions, with pH and oxygen being the two most important elements. If these are not in order, the absorption of nutrients is limited and there is a greater chance that pathogenic micro-organisms will develop. The Olivine rock dust ensures healthy soil.

So the country

Like the farmer

We will soon start with the first farmers who, in exchange for the greenSand Olivine stone meal, offer us the opportunity to conduct research and make measurements regarding the influence on soil quality and the speed with which the olivine reacts.

Good for everyone

Compensation project

Do you also want to contribute? Buy these CO₂ cleanup certificates now to offset your own CO₂ footprint. In addition, you offer greenSand the opportunity to support new projects with olivine-containing sand or stones.


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