Publication in Minerals

Authors: Jos Vink and Pol Knops

Size-Fractionated Weathering of Olivine, it's CO2-Sequestration Rate, and Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment of Nickel Release


Jos Vink and Pol Knops published an article in the open access journal Minerals. The article is about the studies on the weathering of olivine. via the so-called Olivine Weathering or CO2 Sequestration Model (OWCS). They discuss in detail the weathering rate of olivine rock in the gradation 0-2 mm (such as greenSand breaker sand ) and what it takes to calculate this.

greenSand Brekerzand 0-2mm


In addition, they also include the BML (Bioptic Ligand Model) in their calculation. This mainly focused on the presence of nickel. That for a long time stood in the way of the large-scale application of the mineral. The results indicate lower chronic ecotoxicological effects.

You can read the full article here .

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