greenSand sprinkler in the Christmas package of De Limits

De Limieten is known for growing large and mature trees, in addition, de Limieten has been designing special gardens for over 20 years. By using fully grown products of our own cultivation, the garden immediately has a mature appearance. Every year, De Limiten puts together a Christmas package for relations. This year the package has a green theme with the addition of the greenSand sprinkler.

The content of this sprinkler can be spread over the lawn for nutrition and deacidification of the soil and over the terrace to make the moss disappear. Once processed by the soil, it deacidifies the soil and provides extra nutrition for the plants. For beautiful and healthy greenery and a direct contribution to the neutralization of C02 emissions. For the trees of De Limieten a good addition to the fertility of your garden.

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