greenSand available at Van Manen aan Tafel in Leiden

The Van Manen aan Tafel shop is ten years old this year. Started at Hogewoerd 21, on a quarter of the current surface at Hogewoerd 6-8. Then the store of the set table, now expanded with kitchen and bed / bath items, which fit within the same philosophy. The border lies with the functional for the home. 'Throw away stuff' is not what Van Manen does. greenSand fits the store's functional approach. greenSand olivine sprinklers are a nice sustainable gift for the greenery in and around the house.

With the 'shops-in-shop' of the Vlaams Broodhuys and First Floor Items, Van Manen is a store worth visiting. You can go to Floor for bags and jewelry. At the table at the Vlaams Broodhuys you can have a drink with a sandwich or cake in between shopping.

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