greenSand road salt: now available

For the first time in the Netherlands, there is an option to combat slippery roads and at the same time to compensate for the CO2  emissions from the gritter. The 21-year-old entrepreneur Pieter van Middelaar of PVM-slipperiness control, greenSand and Arian Lenting of I.F.H Transport came up with a unique formula for de-icing agent. In order to distribute global emissions fairly, the Netherlands must produce 91% less CO2 . Every winter thousands of gritters take to the road to clear the Dutch roads and industrial estates from ice. From now on it is possible to compensate the emissions of all these gritters with the help of a special spreading agent: greenSand road salt.

The fraction of greenSand road salt falls into the same category as the known de-icing agents (same grain size). This means that spreading does not pose an increased risk to cars / people / road surface or other external factors. And the effectiveness of the de-icing agent remains the same or even improves. The skid resistance compared to the known de-icing agent/de-icing salt is higher and this has a positive effect in the event of, for example, ice or freezing up of wet road sections. Due to the natural effect of greenSand road salt, the user is less bothered by green deposits and weed growth in joints of, for example, vowel roads. In addition, verges and trees experience less acidification due to the presence of silica and magnesium.

The first orders have been delivered today. greenSand will also work for the private market. We expect to be able to deliver the first bags of greenSand road salt in the third week of January.

For more information about the greenSand road salt, please contact:

06-47549005 (Pieter van Middelaar)

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