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By purchasing this certificate you help the earth to solve the surplus of CO₂ parts in the atmosphere. With the proceeds from these voluntary CO₂ cleanup certificates, we can conduct further research into new possibilities (e.g. it can be applied in agriculture) to make the cleanup of CO₂ through rock weathering even more accessible.

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Playground association De Speelkrael has committed itself to converting the site between Beatrixlaan and Scaldisstraat into a safe playground for children. With the help of sponsors, they created a play and learning area with new play equipment, a sensory path and lots of greenery. The intention is to expand this with, among other things, a vegetable garden, picking garden, greenhouse and more seating areas. greenSand has donated more than 70 tons of CO₂-capturing semi-paving for this project. This material weathers slowly but surely and absorbs CO2 in this process. It provides a sturdy path and is an environmentally conscious choice, partly thanks to its CO₂ absorbing properties.

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This project fits perfectly with greenSand's vision: replace sand and stones where you can with greenSand, which captures carbon dioxide by using the natural weathering process of rocks and therefore makes a significant contribution to reducing CO₂ particles in the air . We are still looking for new projects. Do you want your association, club or foundation to have a sustainable greenSand path in that typical gray-green color? Please contact us via Contact Form.

CO₂ cleanup certificate: Speelkrael

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