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Example application for civil projects

This project is an example project to demonstrate that you can carry out a large civil project a bit more sustainably by using olivine-rich rock.
To convince our client of the high quality of our semi-paving and to set an example for future clients, we have offered the material below our cost price.

This project will capture tons of CO₂ over its lifespan. This creates voluntary CO₂ rights. greenSand markets this in the form of CO₂ cleanup certificates. By purchasing this certificate you take the lead in the fight against climate change and you can proudly state that you are helping to clean up 843 tons of CO₂.

Note: an average household emits 12 tons of CO₂ equivalents annually.

Project Uithoornlijn

Environmental benefits for all of us

Along the new route of tram line 25 from Amsterdam-Zuid to Uithoorn, the inspection path has been constructed with more than 900 tons of greenSand inspection path material.
This provides a sturdy, water-permeable and weed-resistant path, where employees can carry out their inspections along the line. This path permanently captures CO₂.

read here more about the project.

The olivine-containing rock captures CO₂ over its entire lifespan. This may take hundreds of years for the grading of this project, but the stones will continue to do their work for generations to come. The greatest benefit is achieved by using greenSand as an alternative, since every other inspection path emits CO₂ and does not remove CO₂.

Permanently capture carbon dioxide

A joint task

The total "clean-up potential" has been calculated at 843 tons. It has been calculated using the weathering model of Deltares and P. Knops. This model is based on knowledge and research into the speed at which olivine rock weathers and thus captures CO₂.

CO₂ cleanup certificate: Uithoornlijn

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