Climate Adaptive


Horst aan de Maas is a municipality that has embraced greening and has developed all kinds of initiatives to ensure that it is ready for a climate-neutral future. The symbol for the climate-adaptive design of the built environment is the “climate tree”, which will be planted in the center this month

ready for the future

Climate-neutral municipal yard

With a view to the future, the municipal yard will be thoroughly renovated in 2023.
This has created more space for rainwater collection. The “Oak heat” project has developed a way to stop the use of fossil fuels to heat the shipyard. Instead, energy is extracted from the fruits of oak trees.

environmental benefit

Capturing CO₂ with greenSand Brekerzand

With the construction of the parking spaces, it was decided to use grass concrete pavers, among other things. In addition, greenSand Brekerzand has been used between the pavers. With this crusher sand, that one MKI score has -17.82, even more climate gains will be achieved.

Photos: Dennis van Otterdijk


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