greenSand olivine in the big climate quiz!

The big climate quiz was on TV last Saturday. The purpose of this climate quiz is to provide insight into what is good or what is less good for the climate. All kinds of interesting facts about the climate are discussed under the watchful eye of science journalist Anna Gimbrère.

Because there are many different messages about the climate going around online and we sometimes can't see the wood for the trees, the producers hope to create more clarity about the climate with this quiz.

For example, how much CO2 does a cow emit? And how do we do CO2 compensation?

One of the things you can do for the climate is to use olivine. The message is clear, we need to emit less CO2. But it turns out to be a difficult task to not emit any CO2 at all. The CO2 that is still emitted can be compensated with olivine!
1 kilo of olivine binds 1 kilo of CO2.

For example, the program itself has also compensated for its CO2 emissions. A calculation has been made that about 3.2 tons of CO2 was emitted when making and broadcasting the big climate quiz. This 3.2 tons has been compensated by the program with greenSand olivine!

That olivine is not just placed anywhere. By replacing other types of sand and stones with olivine-rich sand or olivine-rich stones, no additional emissions are created. So this is a win-win situation! The advantage of greenSand Olivine is that trees grow extra well. It can be used in garden soil or potting soil, but recently it is also increasingly used as tree granulate. Not only does the tree absorb CO2, but also the olivine that is processed in the tree granulate. So double profit.

The winner's forest is planted with the 3 tons of olivine sand with which the program compensates its CO2 emissions. And which team won the big climate quiz in the end? Watch the quiz now on this website and especially watch from minute 42:35 for the piece about olivine.

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