greenSand cleans up 48 tons of CO2 at the sunbathing area in Glimmen

An access road will be constructed with greenSand olivine on the sunbathing lawn in Glimmen. This path captures CO2 in a sustainable way. The solar meadow is a meadow in Glimmen where solar panels are installed. This initiative is supported by the Sustainable Glimmen working group. The panels will start supplying power from March 2021.

The access path to the sunbathing area is laid with greenSand olivine 0-4 mm. This gradation is often used as a paving material. Due to the unique composition of the grain distribution and the high hook resistance, greenSand olivine drains water and is permeable to air, so that the material remains very stable.

The unique thing about greenSand olivine is that it cleans up CO2. This requires three elements: the mineral olivine, water and the acid CO2. Using greenSand olivine instead of other products contributes to a liveable future.

greenSand semi-hardening is approved under the building materials decree EN 13242. Click here for the news article in the Groninger Internet Courant. Click here .

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