Double Nature Summit

Are you familiar with concepts such as TA, Fluxmeters, DIC and DOC? No? Then you probably haven't been to the Double Nature Summit organized by Climate Cleanup.

This year there was a four-day meeting, each with its own specific theme. Climate Cleanup focuses on reversing climate change and mainly aims to connect stakeholders, such as pioneers, investors, scientists and companies.

As an employee I was allowed to attend the meeting with the theme "Enhanced Rock Weathering." This was held in the pavilion of the Deltares knowledge institute, where intensive research into olivine was completed last January.


The morning was entirely dedicated to OAE or Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement.
Various research results were presented.

Yubin Hu of Shanghai University got the ball rolling. Unfortunately, I could not follow all presentations equally well. This was mainly due to my non-academic background. Fortunately, the other presentations by Rasesh Pokharel, Luna Geerts and Isabel Mendes, among others, were a lot easier to follow.

Big question

Still, my mind was running wild and I was musing on the question :"When is the best time to actually start applying rock weathering to scale up to be a part of the climate solution. And what would the scale need to be then? "
I understand that there are quite a few uncertainties, especially around possible ecological hazards. So more research is needed.

Jos Vink of Deltares

Lunch Network

During a very well catered lunch, there was a buzz of energy. Groups of people gathered here and there to exchange their ideas. Such a meeting is of course very suitable for this. Jos Vink, who carried out his field tests on the Deltares site, gave us some explanation and showed us around the jeu de boules/petanque court of greenSand olivijn, which had been broadcasted as a compensation project by the television program Staat van Het Klimaat.


Then it was high time to learn more about the research results related to Enhanced Rock Weathering in the ground. Jos Vink gave a short presentation. One of the most important findings was that there appeared to be no ecotoxicological hazards associated with nickel in olivine rock.


I found Liam Bullock's presentation interesting because he showed where the best opportunities for rock weathering lie in Spain. I think it would be a good idea to map this out for the whole world. But maybe this is already happening.

Thank you for this very educational day and see you next year
Irene Olie - back office employee greenSand

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